Death & Sex In Downing Street – Part Two

Wing Commander Tom lays down the law, Boris and Nigel arrive at Number Ten to negotiate the peace treaty between Oxford and Cambridge and Tony Blair gets what’s coming to him.

WARNING – this episode contains a troubling sex scene that no one would ever want to envisage but is, unfortunately, essential to the plot. Sorry about that.

(Death & Sex In Downing Street – Part One is HERE)


9 thoughts on “Death & Sex In Downing Street – Part Two

    1. Do not watch this at work! No one should watch this, ever. It contains traumatic things! But I had already done Part One so thought I had better follow it up. And it does have the satisfying announcement at the end about the fate of Blair 🙂

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      1. Id oes contain traumatic things…I remember…although they have been blurred by the mists of time and memory…
        that and some determined singing of the dogtanian theme!!
        The announcement does make up for it a little though… 😀

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      2. You are so right!! they must never be allowed even rudimentary control over the leg wear choices of the nation!

        Cambridge forever!

        (believe it or not as a teenager I wanted to go to Oxford…I was saved by my lack of dedication to study and went to Surrey instead where my trouser choices were my own!)

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