First Law Of Economics: There Are No Laws Of Economics

At the dining table of Number Eleven Downing Street, Cambridge, the dark arts of economic praxis were being perpetrated by Chancellor Ian Risk and dubious Trade Minister, Simon Daley. Number Eleven was, in fact, a far more suitable station for the seat of Government, having been smart solicitors’ offices before the revolution. But Prime Minister … More First Law Of Economics: There Are No Laws Of Economics

Complicated Things

The recent developments to the Kitchen Situation –  helpfully labelled the Suitcase Situation – certainly warranted an urgent Cabinet meeting. Sitting in the dashingly furnished Cabinet Office, accidental Prime Minister Lucy Wastell was in fact somewhat grateful that such exigent ameliorations presented themselves when they did. The earlier commotion  had disturbed the slumbering Tony Blair, who … More Complicated Things

Terrorist In A Trilby

The kitchen is filled with the obnoxious stench of something unearthly and an ominous hush. The Deputy Prime Minister sits on high among the saucepans, surveying the scene before him with some ferocity. And it is indeed an odd scene, even in these strange times. “Terry!” hisses Lucy. “Get down from there!” Lucy has had … More Terrorist In A Trilby