Meanwhile, In Oxford…

In a post-Brexit, pre-dystopian Britain, the traditional political system has collapsed and Oxford and Cambridge are on the verge of war. Cambridge have captured ex-Prime Minister and notorious warmonger Tony Blair and tied him to a chair in the kitchen. Door-to-door duster salesman and occasional spy Nigel Farage has just returned from his mission to gain information on Cambridge’s plan, to report back to his master Boris, King of Oxford…

16 thoughts on “Meanwhile, In Oxford…

    1. Thank you!! This was fun to do. But I was stuck with the Boris voice for a whole day, after this. It’s still there a bit now, actually. I’ve got trouser on, though. I promise you!! πŸ˜€

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      1. hahaha…
        Its a problem…I sometimes find myself speaking like Lutra Longwhiskers…

        I am glad you have trousers on…can’t have you adopting Oxfordian behaviors just because you are channeling your inner Boris!
        Channeling your inner Boris sounds wrong…don’t do that O_O

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      2. I don’t want an inner Boris…
        No Boris in me at all :-/

        this is what Who Shot Tony Blair does to us!! we have only been back in that world for five minutes!!
        (you have probably been there longer mind you…)

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