The Butler Did It?

“There’s no need to look so bloody smug, you curly haired bastard.” But the Chancellor was wasting his breath. The Cabinet Secretary’s default setting was smug and the unexpected turn of events this afternoon had given him good reason to be. “This will put an end to any idea of that ridiculous peace treaty,” mused … More The Butler Did It?


“Mumsie, the lies and deceit have gone on long enough,” the voice of Snetterton was hot and husky in her ear. “The truth will set us free, my darling.” “The only thing I want setting free is the catch on this bloody bra,” Mumsie replied, struggling in a most ungainly manner with the stubborn fastening … More Charades

What The Butler Saw

Number Ten was in lock-down. Until further information about the only-slightly tragic events in the kitchen could be confirmed, no one was to leave. Prime Minister Lucy Wastell had called an emergency Cabinet meeting, a move which caused far more consternation than the vicious murder itself. Whilst the guests from Oxford were detained with every … More What The Butler Saw